Types of Inline Skates available on the market

Types of Inline Skates available on the market
Types of Inline Skates available on the market

Inline Skates

Inline skates are made from soft, flexible material that makes the feet of skaters airy and cool. The typical wheel size is from 78mm to 100mm. Often, the smaller wheels will be easier for beginners to engage in inline skates, while larger wheels will provide faster and more efficient speeds when traveling long distances. The big wheels also help you roll gently, obstacles like gravel, small branches, … and cracks on the sidewalk. They provide good relief when you slip through uneven surfaces.

Inline Skates for Kids

Inline Skates for Kids often have adjustable sizes to match the growth of your baby’s feet. It saves money by not having to buy new inline skates in the long run. Forms designed for young children usually have plastic wheels, which can not be used outside of the skating rink. You need to pay for a durable pair of skate shoes. For toddlers and young children, you can buy safe inline skates to help children learn without getting hurt.

Aggressive Inline Skates

Aggressive Inline Skates have wheels that are smaller and more rigid than other skates to withstand a variety of techniques on concrete or metal, and a special groove in the frame for easy balance and smooth movement on surfaces. as in the city. Its design also includes four wheels of the same size. It has no brakes at the rear so you need to really master the different braking techniques before choosing aggressive inline skates.


Best Inline Skate Reviews 2018

The K2 brand is gradually occupying the inline skates market. In addition, the Rollerblade brand has a lot of competition for recreational skaters. On the market today Roller Derby and K2 are very attractive young people and children.

Best inline skates Review

K2 VO2 90 Pro Review: Best inline skates

K2 VO2 90 Pro Review
K2 VO2 90 Pro Review

The K2 VO290 Pro is fast enough and powerful enough to provide an enjoyable experience for professional roller skaters, but it is also suitable for medium skaters. K2 VO2 90 Pro comes with 90mm wheels that can roll on relatively rough terrain; The very suitable soft boot can be increased in half if you have wide feet. Maybe you also interested in womens rollerblades reviews

Rollerblade Zetrablade Review: Cheap inline skates

Rollerblade Zetrablade Review Cheap inline skates
Rollerblade Zetrablade Review Cheap inline skates

If you only have limited budgets to buy a pair of rollerblade for recreational skaters, the Rollerblade Zetrablade is probably one of the cheap inline skates that can meet all your needs. With 80mm / 82a soft wheels, it’s big enough to have fun but not too big to make you lose control of speed. The SG5 bearings are very elegant and soft boot is reasonable at this price.┬áRollerblade Zetrablade is also suitable for workout

K2 Marlee / K2 Raider Review: Best inline skates for kids

K2 Marlee K2 Raider Review Best inline skates for kids
K2 Marlee K2 Raider Review Best inline skates for kids

If your kids are old enough to be ready for inline skates, the K2 Marlee and K2 Raider are the right fit. It comes with a 70mm / 80a wheel, which is fast enough for your kids to enjoy, but it’s not hard enough to slip on rough underground. The ABEC 3 bearings are very soft, but it is enough to control the speed. It also has size adjustment, so it fits well when your kids grow up.

Chicago Skates Training Inline Skate Combo Review: Best training skates

Chicago Skates Training Inline Skate Combo Review Best training skates
Chicago Skates Training Inline Skate Combo Review Best training skates

This is also an inline skates for kids. If your kids love inline skates with little help mastering then the Chicago Skates Training Combo can help your kids. It easily switches between wheels, and it is truly an inline skates. It comes with a helmet, knee pads and wrist/hand pads and a backpack that helps your kids carry it under. This is the version for girls

K2 Unnatural Review: Best aggressive inline skates

K2 Unnatural Review Best aggressive inline skates
K2 Unnatural Review Best aggressive inline skates

The K2 Unnatural is very suitable for street skating, it has a sturdy design and unusual boot design to give you a comfortable ride. It is also suitable for aggressive skaters. It has both front and back balance and a plate with Teflon for fast and smooth slide.

Roller Skating is good for workout

Roller Skating is good for workout
Roller Skating is good for workout

When it comes to roller-skating, I often remember my childhood memories. I often encourage my dog to pull me on the pitch or down the road while I stand on roller skates. It’s fun and great, I think roller skates are for kids.

Oh when I became a teenager, I thought, Roller skates are a sport for women.

Where Roller Derby is the fastest skating for women. It originated in Texas and it is popular in the world.

I have not roller skating for many years and currently, I find it difficult. After I wore protective pads on my wrists, and my helmet, I started to slip.

Roller derby is a sport where players slide on quad roller skates, the team will skate around the ball. Each team has 5 players participating in the race: a scoring player, a defensive player, an attacking player.

After a few minutes, I got acquainted with the roller skates and I started skating again, I continued to maintain balance.

roller skating for women
roller skating for women

Emmeline taught me to slip when squatting, this is a convenient position to achieve the highest speed and thigh work. I was sweating after a few minutes, my body started to ache and I felt thigh ache.

Daily Express specialist Jane Taylor said: “Roller Derby is good for health and fitness.

“When you keep your knees bent and tilted forward, your muscles are straight to your lower back.” While your abdomen is also stretched, so it is good for your body.

You have weak muscles, you should perform some exercises to strengthen the muscles. If you are looking for a good cardiovascular exercise then you should choose jogging or swimming to be better.

Roller skates not only have physical benefits – they are also for your brain.

I struggled to keep up with Emmeleline, I found it difficult to start slipping because I was no longer exercising six hours a week.

Injuries and the risk of scratches can be encountered at any time. So learning safe skills is essential to skating.

If you want to achieve higher tech like whiz, you will need to practice about 6 months.

In the Roller Derby, it helps you train your body with many different benefits. And if you are losing workout, the roller derby is perfectly suited for workout.

Benefits of Roller Skating

Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller Skating is considered a sport that offers so many health benefits to your body. It is also a favorite and fun sport of many people. It’s also attracted by kids, parents often teach roller skates for kids when they are up 3 years old.

Roller Skating Health Benefits:

Less impact on the joints: Skating helps you enjoy the same movements as running or dancing without the harsh effects on the joints. Research shows that a skating exercise has the same benefits as running in the same time, but skating has no general hurt.

Weight Loss: Roller skating also has benefits like jogging on health benefits and caloric consumption, reducing body fat, and developing leg strength. So, if you are an overweight person, buy a pair of roller skates to lose weight effectively.

Calorie burning: A man with an average weight of 190 pounds can burn about 10 calories per minute while skating, while an average woman weighing 163 pounds can burn about 9 calories per minute. You can burn 300 to 600 calories if you skate for an hour.

roller skating

Improved mood: Roller Skating brings the benefits of mood, it is one of the most fun activities.

Hand and Foot Action: Roller Skating requires you to operate both hands and feet. Skating helps build muscle strength, preventing injuries.

Good for the abdomen: Roller skating improves balance with the strength of abdominal muscles because you must maintain a vertical back.

Good for the heart: Roller Skating just increases your heart rate. It squeezes and squeezes. Skating helps blood circulation prevent cardiovascular disease.

Good for Muscle: In addition to increasing muscle strength, Rolling Skating can help increase muscle endurance to help improve endurance for your body.

Can play anywhere: You can slide at any time, in the yard, off the street, … anywhere with the smooth surface.

Improve social relationships: Roller-skating can be done with friends, in clubs, it helps you improve the best social skills.

8 Tips for Teaching Kids to Roller Skate

8 Tips for Teaching Kids to Roller Skate

It is a weekend time to involve children in outdoor activities to improve health, or to improve the social skills of children.

But you need to have a strategy to guide your children into the journey of fun and health as well as enhance their interactions with the world around them. Here are some tips to help you do that. See more: Roller Skates for Kids

  1. Choose Roller Skates accordingly. To start learning ice skating for children, you need to choose a pair of Roller Skates that fit your child’s legs. Shoes should not be too large nor too crowded. Some brands of roller skates have the feature of expanding and narrowing the fit to fit the feet of children. It is also suitable for the fast development of children. You can also rent roller skates if you do not have enough funds to buy a roller skates shoes.
  2. Age limit. Some children under the age of three are very interested in roller skates, even if they are passionate, but roller skate experts suggest that introducing children too early to roller skates will pose a lot of risk to them. Because young children lack the skills and agility to react to all situations. Age appropriate to start participating in roller skates activities at least 5 years old.roller skates for kids
  3. Like roller skates, the purchase of protective gear is also essential. Helmets, knee pads, hand pads and elbow pads are indispensable when children wear roller skates. Even if your child has roller skate skills, wearing protective gear is essential to protecting your child from possible unfortunate injuries.
  4. Costumes for children. Make sure the children are wearing the most comfortable clothes, if it is winter you should wear warm clothes and gloves for children.
  5. Practice on the field. If you are a beginner, you will definitely have a lot of embarrassment. Then let the children practice walking around the yard, hands clinging to the railing to avoid falling. Walk with roller skates when children feel confident then start practicing.
  6. Practice “safe location”: When children feel like they are about to fall, tell them to bend their knees and put their hands on their knees to help increase their stability and confidence.
  7. Find a quieter time at the yard. Take a nap at a few places to prevent your child from colliding with others.
  8. Join a class: Many local roller skates are available for children. You can enroll in classes for children who will shorten the time they experience roller skates for children.

Roller Skates for Kids

Roller Skates for Kids

Roller skates are fun sport activities and it’s not age-restricted. It is also a good activity for children as it promotes health, reduces deafness and develops the skills needed for children. Many children love outdoor sports activities attracted by roller skates.

Roller skates can be viewed as family activities

As mentioned above, roller skates are not limited to age, so it is also considered to be the favorite activity of families. You need to teach your child to master basic skills so that he or she can join the family. Your family can skate roller-skates at the weekend in the park, thereby improving their social skills and improving their health.

Benefits of roller skates

Roller skates are an effective activity to enhance health, improve cardiovascular health and promote balance. This is very important for adults as well as children. However, you should also avoid skateboarding in high places, which increases the risk of children’s risk when they do not have the skills they need.

Wear protection

Protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads and elbows will reduce the risk of injury if the child falls. These are the must have safety equipment when skating roller skates. Besides, you should also give children practice and persevere to improve their skills.

The appropriate age of children to begin learning roller skates

The safe age to start learning roller skates is under age 8. Many 4 to 5 year olds have also started liking roller skates. However, this is too young to be able to master the roller-stroke. If you have children under the age of 5, it is not recommended that children get to know roller skates.

Body movement

Relaxing your body and learning to move is the basic skill you should have. The legs are V shaped, slightly arched knees, one leg as a pillow, the other pushes backwards to move. Continue to change legs to keep balance.

How to Stop

Roller skating has two basic skills: moving and stopping. Roller skates with brake systems will fit the beginner. To stop you just knee bent and lightly pressed the brake to the surface, and gradually slow down. Note not stop suddenly will fall easily fall because of sudden change of speed.

Roller skating is safe?

People often have questions before practicing roller skates that is. Is it really safe? The biggest fear for beginners of roller skates is that unwanted injuries occur. When you practice for the first time, you are easily backed up and may fall backwards. That can cause serious injuries to the ankles and back.

Roller skating is safe

To avoid this risk, before beginning the exercise, you bend your knees slightly forward to shift the gravitation forward. If you wear protective gear, when you fall forward, you will not get hurt. I have made countless stunts without injury.

Here are a few tips to help you minimize roller skate injuries especially for women:

  1. Wear full protective gear, including a helmet, knee protection, elbow protection, and wrist protection. These protectors must be the right size for you. Otherwise, it will not work. Knee protection should be of significant thickness so that when kneeling does not cause discomfort. The first principle is to be fully equipped with protective equipment to avoid injury.
  2. Tighten roller skates to fit the size of your feet, but do not be too distracted as it will interfere with blood circulation. Finding a right pair of roller skate shoes is also a concern. There are now a variety of roller skate shoes that can be customized to fit your feet, but finding the perfect size for a new pair of roller skates.
  3. When starting roller skates: Get up and bend your knees down about 120 degrees. Focus the focus forward and slide. In this way, you will not fall backwards.
  4. When you want to speed up, stand on one leg, start to push the other leg slowly forward. Your speed will increase gradually. Read more: speed skating basic
  5. You make a few rounds like that and move your legs
  6. To reduce the speed, use pressure on your outer leg to slow down and not use the foot brake.
  7. Focus on spinning at high speed
  8. When you are comfortable, you will start to slide normally and faster.
  9. You will learn to brake when your confidence is high enough to sit down on the foot brake. When you become an expert you can remove the brakes and use the wheels to back them up. It will be faster than many foot brakes. Foot brakes can interfere when you slide backwards

Here are some tips to keep you safe when you start roller skates. Good luck