Best Men Outdoor Roller Skates 2018


Best Men Outdoor Roller Skates 2018

Any man who wishes to enjoy outdoor skating must have the right men’s outdoor roller skates for a smooth ride. Today there are many men’s skates available in the market. As a man interested in skating, you must have the question; which is the best outdoor roller skates for you?

Key features to look at when purchasing men’s outdoor roller skates are wheel styles, cuff height, wheel sizes, frame material, and bearings.  With several features to look at you may encounter difficulties in spotting the best set for you.

Men’s outdoor skates should have a high cuff for maximum support. Outdoor skating unlike indoor skating, skaters face many obstacles like debris, rocks, and cracks in the sidewalks. Having skates with high cuffs provides you the needed support and control and the ability to navigate the obstacles easily.

The wheel should be softer than those used for indoor activities for a smooth ride, but not too soft for concrete surfaces. This review highlights the top best 3 men’s outdoor roller skates to make your search easier.

Sure-grip rock GT 50 (Black men’s roller skates)

Sure-grip rock GT 50 Black men’s roller skates

This is an excellent pair for starters and can be used by all people women and children included. They feature a leather boot, GT-50 swirl wheels, rock plate, Carrera speed toe stop and ABEC -5 bearings.

Larger sizes (14 &15) have an aluminum super x plate. They are designed for men, thus women should pick one size down. They are best for recreation skating, if you want better performance, you can change the wheel and bearings.

VNLA Stealth Jam Skates

VNLA Stealth Jam Skates


These skates can be used both indoors and outdoors. You are required to get a pair of outdoor wheels and you can skate on any outdoor surface comfortably. They come with nylon plate and vanilla gorilla.

The vanilla boots are soft and comfortable and made to last long. The leather and denim exterior adds to the sleek style of the skates. VNLA skates need less or no break-in time. Once you have strapped them on, you are on your way to enjoying a smooth ride.

Premium frame and vanilla ABCE-9 bearings allow you to negotiate sharp corners and to speed while gliding.

VNLA Mint Jam Skates

VNLA Mint Jam Skates

VNLA mint jam skates are designed with high quality materials to make sure they last long. They are lightweight with a pair of backspin wheel and vanilla gorilla nylon plate and aluminum tucks you can upgrade.

If you love speed, the VNLA mint jam skates are a king in speed; this is afforded by the Vanilla ABEC-9 bearings, the aluminum trucks and the 95A wheels. Make sure that the glides are secured on your feet via the Velcro lace cover and the laces.

You can use these skates for both outdoor and indoor activities by changing the wheels. The skates are fitted with pointed low profile plugs ideal for spins.


With regard to men skates, people have different preferences when it comes to which brand to purchase. We have made your work easier by highlighting the best men outdoor roller skates. Grab a set of one of the skates and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride outdoors.