How to Lose Weight in a Month

How to Lose Weight in a Month

Are you looking for a plan that will allow you to lose weight in a month? The Chrono Diet is a solution that can give you great results.

The Chrono Diet

Are you looking for a plan that will allow you to lose weight in a month? The Chrono Diet is a solution that can give you great results. Also called Chrono Nutrition, it is a creation of Dr. Alain Delabos based on the biological rhythms of the body.

According to nutritionist and director of the clinical research department of the Institute for European Research on Nutrition our body has its predefined rhythms, like a watch. So just use it to quickly carve the silhouette of your dreams.

The bodily functions who are responsible for setting the production of hormones, sleep or even body temperature all operate according to a preset rhythm of the human body. And that guarantee the proper functioning of our organism.

Lose weight in a month eating at the right times

To reduce the body fat to a good level, you just have to adapt well to the food consumed during the day. That’s the whole principle of the Chrono Diet. When a particular food is consumed at a fixed time will be more beneficial to the organism. Under these conditions, instead of storing it as fat, it will be used effectively, each day at the same time. So for Dr. Delabos dietary restriction is not the solution to get rid of extra pounds, the solution is rather an adaptation of our food to our internal biological clock.

In practical terms, when following the Chrono Diet you must eat a lot in the morning and some in the evenings:

* For breakfast you will have fatty foods like meat, bread, butter, cheese and eggs
* At lunch you will have heavy foods like starches and 250 to 280 grams of lean meat

No food at dinner if you really want to lose weight in a month. Or if you find it too hard you can have a very light dinner such as fresh vegetables or lean fish.

It should be noted that really important in this diet is the consumption of food at fixed times and in good planning. No removal of a food family, and for this reason the Chrono Diet has a lot of success with the ladies.

The Chrono Diet’s major request is to establish for yourself a rigorous program of meals and to follow scrupulously, without snacking. Make this effort if you want to lose weight in a month. And if you can follow these instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of the Chrono Diet just quote now.

It should be noted that the Chrono Diet allows you to get rid of a few pounds in the first weeks, if followed correctly. This is because it has the advantage of significantly reducing the number of calories stored each day. If your meal plan is as we have stated above and you follow it strictly, after the first week of diet you will already see a weight loss of about 3 kg.

Another major advantage of the chrono nutrition is that you have the right to consume any food, only it must be done at the right time of day.

Also, a well monitored chrono diet helps stabilize weight loss at about 1 to 2 kg per month after first loss of considerable pounds. This means that you can get thinner on a regular basis and gradually accustom your body. Note however that this scheme is best suited for people who want to lose weight slowly by adopting a different mode of feeding.

Another advantage is that chrono diet improves digestion, because the food is consumed at times when they can be easily digested by the body. Similarly it improves the sleep since the dinner is either slight or non-existent. Not to mention that eating a lot and fat at breakfast you have more energy during the morning to help start the day.


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