FLYING EAGLE BKB B6 roller skates


FLYING EAGLE BKB B6 roller skatesFlying Eagle B6 roller skates – In recent times the company Flying Eagle constantly launching new product lines such as BKB B1, B2, B3, B5 … May 05/2014 the company continues to launch new products more points upstaged well, that’s Flying Eagle BKB B6 roller skates.

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Flying Eagle B6 Features

B6 Flying Eagle roller skates design similar to the X6 has stopped production line, but with appearance and robust BKB certainly has many advantages B6 promises to conquer the Patin Vietnam market in the coming time

BKB B6 has a unique color is black and bronze color, it looks very attractive and it provides strong accents from different parts such as key customer, wheel, frame, slide pads.

The Lock Shoe: the above Lock is made from high-grade plastic material, so the lock with high ductility and will not break during use. The lower lock is used semiautomatic type quite advanced and stylish features.

The Body shoe: made from high-grade plastic, impact-resistant and shock-proof workout. Standard Form shoe hug the foot feels comfortable playing.

Boot shoes: thick boot are made of padded fabric and good protection for the feet,

Frame (as): Frame are thick and very solid. Rubber wheels with good elasticity, high strength, slide very smoothly. Also Flying Eagle 1 B6 skating shoes also has brakes at the rear right shoe, help players especially beginners you with this skates safer.


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