How do I get rid of my love handles fast

How do I get rid of my love handles fast

You will find thousand of guides on the internet about How do I get rid of my love handles fast, but this article is somehow different. I am not trying to sell you a product at the end. I will only describe what I have done. It took me only eight weeks, but this will not take anyone the same amount of time. This method even effective in a week
get rid of my love handles workoutThe best you can do to boost your appearance is to loose fat. It will improve your confidence and your health. Stop saying that you like yourself the way you are and that you are healthier than other people. It is not enough. We try that other people like us.
I didn’t use food supplements, starve myself to death or joined my local gym. I just did a couple of adjustments in my daily life. Your body will start to burn fat, if it gets less energy than necessary.

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The first step is getting conscious about the situation. Measure your waist and weigh your body. Taking a picture of yourself everyday will also help. Do you like yourself like that? Record everything everyday, it is motivating and you’ll see the progress as I did.
Second, measure the heart rate in a relaxed position. It will tell you a lot about your health. Don’t overwork yourself. At the beginning specially, we tend to do it. We just need to raise the rate a little to start burning fat. 5% doing sport is more than enough.

will running get rid of my love handles
Third, now start walking or jogging or running to keep your heart rate 5% above the normal rate for about 20 minutes. Believe me, 20 minutes is enough. Does it sound easy? Well, it is. If you have a motivation problem start today. Workout is good for health and weight loss. I will running everyday to get rid of my love handles fast 
Fourth, repeat the 20 minutes 3-4 times a week. After 4 weeks you will see the difference as I did. At this time you can increase the rate to 30 minutes. Just remember to run or do sport for a long time and don’t try to run fast for 5 minutes.
Point five is: don’t fill your body with sugar. If your body has plenty of sugar, it will not need to burn fat. Your body will never use fat as as source of energy, as long it doesn’t need to. Our body will always choose sugar instead of fat to keep running. It is the easiest source of energy.
At the end, measure your waist again. You will be amazed at the result.

how to get rid of my love handles in a week


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