NEW Blazer Retro Roller Skates

NEW Blazer Retro Roller Skates
 Retro Roller SkatesThe legendary four stripe retro Blazer roller skates have unfortunately been discontinued. This means if you can find any of the original four stripes in your size, then snap them up quickly as once they’re gone, that’s it!

Still, as one door closes another one opens. As sad as it is that the old school Blazer skate will no longer be available, it does mean there is a NEW Blazer retro roller skate!

Now featuring two wavy stripes along the side of the boot, the NEW Blazer roller skate has burst on to the roller skating market and is sure to be a big hit.

As with the original Blazer, it features an aluminium chassis, 60mm polyurethane wheels and stitched vinyl stripes on a suede style trainer boot.

The Blazer Retro Roller Skate is back and is sure to look great on any street, park or roller disco. Available in Blue/Yellow and Red/Blue.
SFR Classic Roller Skates – NEW MODEL
Classic Roller SkatesNew on the roller skates scene is an updated version of the SFR Classic Roller model.

The original Classic Roller has been an ever-popular roller skate since it arrived on the market. However now in 2009, the Classic Roller has been given a facelift by SFR. The skate has been given a slightly new colour scheme, the white wheels and toe stops of old being replaced with a cool blue colour design.

The fit and overall comfort provided by the boot has also been improved. The boot is now a lower cut making the skate less restrictive around your ankle and with the new padded liner it is more comfortable than ever before.

Add in the quality features from the old Classic including ABEC 5 Speedster bearings, 58mm x 32mm 90A wheels, dual lace system and the nylon fibrelite sports frame chassis with aluminium trucks and you’ve got yourself one fine roller skate that’s ideal for everyday, recreational skating.

This skate is bound to be a hit!
NEW SFR Street 86 Roller Skates
Street 86 Roller SkatesA new roller skate has arrived on the market. From SFR roller skates comes the NEW SFR Street 86.
The Street 86 is a hard-boot skate priced between £55 – £60 that offers very good value for money.
The boot itself has a two-piece hard shell with a high ankle support for maximum support. The Street 86 roller skate is available as a black boot with laces, toe stops and wheels in either clear blue or clear orange. The skate comes with 58mm x 32mm 90A wheels that offer ground levels of grip, as well as having ABEC 1 bearings.
The Street 86 is a mid-priced roller skate and as such you definitely get your monies worth. This is a good quality skate that is available from size 3 to size 12 making it an ideal second skate.


Weight Watchers Is This the Right Weight Loss Program for You

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Weight Watchers is a program that helps you lose weight by counting points. It designed to control your eating habits and make it easy for you to lose weight. There are a program that millions of women and men use every year. Young adults and children also use this program.

Weight Watchers Is This the Right Weight Loss Program for You

Why is this program great and useful because :
Its works
Helps you journal your meals and snacks
Encourages and supports you
It helps cut calories, burn more fat
Helps you eat what you want but in portions

They have classes in person and it works because you talk about your weight issues and they are there to talk about it. The program is also online and you can do it there if you feel uncomfortable talking about it in person. Every person in there has a weight problem so you should not feel weird or out of place. Maybe, you do not like people staring at you but you are just starting out here. Do not let the way people stare, point, or make faces at you bring you down. You are special in your own way.

Weight Watchers is not for everyone. Some people like to use other diets programs like counting calories, high protein diets, South beach diet, or Slim Fast. Everyone deals with their weight in many ways. Some people try to diet and can not or fail at it. A diet is not just cutting back on food it is to help you cut the bad choices out. The great thing about this program is that you can eat what you want even brownies, and cookies.

It is all about how much you eat of it. We all know that junk food is bad for us if we eat it a lot. If we eat only once every few days or once a week it is like a treat and helps you lose weight even faster. Choose fruits and veggies when preparing meals. When you are cooking ou should never pick at food and should not taste it either. This helps from picking at the food and overeating.

When you join Weight Watchers you are going to have fun counting points from foods, drinks, and exercising. You need to journal every bite and drink to track points. This is going to show you how much you eat a day and what the good and bad choices you made that day.

There is a program out there from everyone who needs to lose the weight. Do not give up will or faith. You will find one that works best for you and stick to it. Stick to this program and stay faithful to it. Do not forget to add your meals and snacks to your journal. They mean a lot. Take your vitamins as well. Weight Watchers does work.