Break The Ice: Spring Running Tips

The countdown to the winter thaw is getting close, and you’re probably itching to get out there and breathe some warm air. There are two different schools of thought when talking about winter running: long distance slow paced running, or long warm-ups with medium distance and quick paced running. Now the advantages and downfalls of both are pretty comparable. It is one of those running fitness tips, that aren’t really fitness tips. Where it is just do what feels best, and train to fix the downfals. But the spring is a great time to trail run, and pretty much any type of running. So lets get you started off this spring right.

 Spring Running Tips

Long vs Short
Just in case you didn’t know the two schools of thought on winter running, here they are quickly explained.

Long Winter Running
Long winter running helps your cardiovascular system sustain longer. Your body wil become use to less air, and when given the opportunity for more will preform better.

Setting a great aerobic base for the spring training season.
More Lung capacity

Lots of running the cold means more prone to injury.

Short winter running helps your muscles get stronger, because they are using less oxygen to do work. Your muscles learn how to become more efficient with less. Staying out of the cold, saves your joints and bones from being constantly contracted and constricted.

Fast running, eventually means faster times.

You will lose some of your aerobic base, and gain leg muscle. So you will be running faster, but heavier.

Early Spring Running Fitness Tips:

1.) Your warm ups will be shorter, but be sure to mind your pace. After running all winter you will notice that key to your best workouts is a long efficient warm up. The idea is that your body needs more time to get its ideal running temperature. But when the thaw starts to happen your body will require far less time, meaning you will want to start running faster earlier. Do not do this on long runs, be take advantage of this for your tempo workouts. With long runs you will probably start to experience overexertion, you’ll be pushing your legs harder for more mileage in a shorter time. But with speed drills the emphasis is blasting your leg muscles. Over exertion for short distances is the key.

2.) An early spring running fitness tip would be nothing without the mention of allergies. I am of the group who subscribes to chloraseptic and nasal spray. I use the chloraseptic spray to keep my throat from feeling rough late in the run, and nasal spray to help with decongestion. Over the counter allergy medication thins blood and elevates heartbeat.

3.) Ditch the shoes. Spring is good time to set yourself on a better shoe cycle. You are supposed to change your shoes about every three months, if you start now your shoe change will be seasonal.
Spring’s Top Workout
Yasso 800’s: Is just the workout to get your legs churning and drop your marathon times. The idea is that the time you can finish the workout at will be your marathon time. So for instance if you run a 2min and 40sec 800 your marathon will be 2hours and 40min.

Twice a week for three months before race day.
Week 1: 4 x 800’s
Week 2: 5×800’s
Week 3: 6×800’s
week 4-11: 7×800’s


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