Lightning off to a rocky start

Lightning off to a rocky startIt’s not really a shocker if you think about how the Bolts have started the season. They’ve had a huge turnover everywhere in the organization. New coach, new ownership and management, new players, etc.. It’s been nice to see them shaking it all of fairly quick though. After going winless in their first five games (two of which were in Prague), they have gotten even in the standings by winning three of their last four for a 3-3-3 record. I haven’t been able to watch to much of them yet to make any real judgements but it appears that the goaltending has improved, the defense is still a work in progress and the offense hasn’t come together yet either.

The only thing I can figure at the moment is that Barry Melrose and company are still trying to find the right pieces to fill out the team. The most important thing for The Mullet is to get the guys to buy into what he’s selling and the few early moves we’ve seen make me think he’s still trying to find the right pieces. I’ll be sitting down to watch some of the Bolts’ games that I’ve recorded to try to get a beat on the direction this team is headed. I’m still skeptical of Melrose but look at what Maddon accomplished with the Rays and you can see that anything is possible.


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