Do You Even Lift? Introduction to Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is the process of manufacturing your body: it is refinement through growth. When starting bodybuilding there are many factors that you should consider and approaches to take. This series of body building tips will incorporate an multi stage approach, that can be likened to an ebb and flow process. Where once a plateau is reached, the maximum gain regiment will switch to an aerobic fitness plan. The ultimate goal of this process is too increase the maximum gain, by reducing the minimum threshold. If you can imagine your hands on a flat surface, in the vertical position, and your “pinky” finger is on the table. In this scenario your left hand is the minimum and your right hand is the maximum; and, the ultimate goal is reduce the distance in between them; while pushing the right hand further away. Ideally, what you are doing is making your average higher; eventually making your average better than most people’s best. So this regiment, that has not be named, is a way to gain mass strength and size, with cut and chisel. Cut and chisel can be surmised as “tone.”

Introduction to Bodybuilding

The process works best as a cycle, and has two phases a grow and cut phase. In the grow phase your primary focus is bodybuilding in the common sense of the word. You are just going to be putting on muscle through a strict an aerobic regiment. Every exercise will be focused on increasing maxes, and the fitness plan will include primarily plyometrics, and Olympic style lifting. (Some people tell me that roller skating is one of the most popular exercises for women to icrease muscle. I don’t think so)

Like I said the cycle is broken down into two phases, which have been named: Grow and Cut.

Grow Phase:
Bodybuilding as we know it, but more like strengthening your muscles. If you are unfamiliar with weightlifting then, the weights you are going to be the barbells, straight bars, dumbbells, and the cable machine. Of course there are variables, you will use machines that incorporate barbells.  The ultimate goal is growth of any type, and the way to chart and keep track of growth is through understanding your max weight/repetition.

Cut Phase:
Refinement and toning are the keywords during this phase.

Max weight/repetition
Maximum weight is the amount of weight that a specific muscle* can move.
*When I say specific muscle you have to start thinking about your legs as a muscle group made up of thirty one different pieces, and that the better you are exercising each piece, the more total gain you’ll have.

Max repetition is the amount times a specific muscle can move a specific weight. Your “max,” refers to the maximum weight you can lift one time.

Together, your goal is to outmatch everyone else’s max. The NFL combine uses 225 pounds as weight that measures muscle endurance, as an acceptable average weight for all NFL players to lift. This will cycle will use your own body weight as the measure of a complete revolution. And it has to be broken down by muscle groups, but more specifically exercises. The ultimate goal is to increase your all around level of fitness.

That is all for the introduction. I have explained the nuances of the system, what the cut and grow phases are, defined “max,” and I hope you will go to the next section where the grow phase will be defined better.


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