The best outdoor roller skates and their features

The best outdoor roller skates and their features
The best outdoor roller skates and their features

If you are planning to go roller-skating, decide on what type of roller blades you are going to buy. The very first thing to think of is deciding where you are planning on skating, inside of the roller rink, or outside on the streets. We had to mention this, as there is a difference between outdoor and indoor roller blades.

Outdoor roller blades have softer wheels than indoor ones. It is because the softer wheel absorbs more vibration when you are rolling over the rough pavement. The softer wheels with a rough pavement will give you a sweet ride.

The boots on both roller blades, for inside and outside, is either low cut or high cut. In other words, the roller blades are pretty much similar, exception making the wheels. You could buy an extra set of wheels for your roller blades, and make them for the outside or inside, just by swapping them. However, this may be difficult as you would have to pull some bearings, and you would need to get an extra set of bearings, which would make it more difficult for you and it would also not save you time.

Regardless of what skates you make a decision to use you need to determine just what bearings you would like your new skates to include. A roller-skate bearing is an anti-friction gadget that is introduced on both sides of the wheels with an axle via the center (bearings usually do not include axles), they make the wheels move. Each and every wheel needs 2 bearings; the axle is placed in between which is held fixed with bolts to the skate-frame.

Bearings utilize an “ABEC” score to determine the quality of the bearing. ABEC rankings are from ABEC 1 to ABEC 9; ABEC 9 remaining the best one. This ranking does not determine the speed of the bearing but instead the quality along with the smoothness of the ride; ABEC 7’s are a more smooth roll when compared with ABEC1. Irrespective of what you are a novice or the most improved you would like to stay with at least an ABEC 5 bearing.

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New Year Resolutions Weight Loss

New Year Resolutions Weight Loss
New Year Resolutions Weight Loss

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions each year. One of the biggest resolutions is weight loss. You know, the same one both you and I have been making year after year for the last decade. This year is different though. This year, we can do it! Here’s how:

  1. Lose weight one step at a time. I know, it sounds so simple. It is! If it weren’t simple, we wouldn’t stick with it. Don’t have time? No excuse! Even walking 10 minutes during your work break can help. For a 200 lb. person, walking at a fairly relaxed pace burns 42 calories. Walking quickly for 10 minutes will earn you a 78 calorie loss. Not only will walking during your work day help you lose weight, but as an added bonus, it will help get you over the midday slump. Here is a great calculator to help you visualize how calories you’re burning with a variety of activities.
  2. Drink water for weight loss. Let water be your drink of choice. You can spruce it up a by adding a drink mix or lemon juice. They now sell drink mix powder individually packed for a bottle of water. All you have to do is open the mix, put it in your water, and shake. How convenient! Drinking water doesn’t have to be a chore. Simply get a large cup, add ice and water, and sip it through the day. Soon it will become habit and you won’t be going anywhere without your trusty water bottle… kind of like Linus with his blankie.
  3. Join a gym. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a major diet plan or drop a $50 for miracle weight loss pills. If that money is burning a hole in your pocket, use it for a gym membership instead. Don’t be embarrassed by all the beautiful people with tight buns. Instead, remind yourself that you also have tight buns, and the reason you’re there in the first place is to discard the top layer so you can show them off. It’s only a matter of time.
  4. Think twice, eat once. No silly. I don’t mean eat one meal per day. Simply don’t worry about all the calorie counting and calculating. That will only make you anxious. Questions to ask yourself before munching are “Am I really hungry?” and “Is this a healthy choice for me?”. I’ve recently come across a great book called “Eat This, Not That!” which gives you food alternatives so you can make better choices about what you eat. There is also an “Eat This Not That! For Kids” and “Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide”. Check them out.
  5. Live guilt free. Don’t punish yourself if you had a cookie (or two) at the potluck. Remind yourself to make better choices in the future and move on. This transformation isn’t going to happen overnight. Losing weight is going to take effort and time. Try to keep a positive “I can do this!” attitude. After all, just ask Turtle and he’ll tell you slow and steady wins the race.
  6. Exercise more. There are many Exercise helps your body to metabolise fat, such as walking, roller skating, jumping, other sports…. Let choose the one to find out the best way effective for you.